Within my broad scholarly interests in sport management are my specific research endeavors often related to the areas of sport consumer behavior and sport communication. For instance, my research interests focus on how fans respond to mediated sports and the emotional factors that are derived from sport-related stimuli which influence sports fans’ cognition and behavior. This line of inquiry draws on theories and concepts from literature in marketing, psychology, management, and communication and applies them to the sport industry. Most of my studies involve experimental or quasi-experimental examinations of sport media audiences and consumers.


Foci: Sport Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology, Sport Communication, Media Physiology


Sport Management

​​​Research Methods

(ESU-SMGT513, SMGT570) - Spring 2018 - Present.

Sport Analytics

(IU-M304)- Fall 2017

(ESU-SMGT346) - Spring 2018 - Present.

Strategic Management in the Sport Industry

(IU-M428) -  Fall, 2013, Spring, 2014.

Sport Event & Facility Management

(ESU-SMGT447, SMGT546) - Spring 2018 - Present.

Sport Consumer Behavior

            (ESU-SMGT 402) - Spring 2019

Sport Marketing, International Sport Management, 

Sport Communication

Understading Sport Media

(IU-C586) - Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Spring 2017.

Sport Sponsorship & Advertising 

Sport and New Media


Role of Emotion in Sport Industry

Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R), Sport facilities & events, Sport-related products, Spectator sports, Sport consumer behavior, Scent marketing 

Emotional and Cognitive processing of Mediated Sport

Limited Capacity Model for Motivated Mediated Message Processing (LC4MP), Program-induced mood effect, Sport advertising, Sport sponsorship.

Experiment & Psycho-Physiological Measures

Theory-driven experiment, Heart rate, Skin conductance, Facial EMG, EEG, eye-tracking,